S/4 HANA Brownfield Implementation

S/4 HANA Brownfield Implementation

Efficiency Redefined, Continuous Advancement

S/4 HANA Brownfield Implementation

S/4 HANA Brownfield Implementation

Navigating the shift to S/4 HANA can be a significant step for your business. Advayan’s Brownfield Implementation service ensures a smooth and efficient transition from your current SAP system to S/4 HANA, minimizing disruptions while maximizing the benefits of your new system. By retaining your existing system’s structures and configurations, we help you avoid the complexities of a complete overhaul, allowing for a faster and more cost-effective upgrade.

Our team of experts brings deep knowledge and hands-on experience to every project, ensuring your transition is handled with precision and care. We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. With our comprehensive support, your business can enjoy enhanced performance, real-time data access, and improved decision-making capabilities.

Experience the redefined efficiency and continuous advancement with our S/4 HANA Brownfield Implementation service. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your SAP environment with minimal downtime and maximum results. 

SAP Readiness Check for Brownfield Implementation

Simplification Item Checks to Map Existing Business Processes to Innovations in S/4HANA

Assess custom code compliance for S/4HANA.

Check SAP add-ons and third-party add-ons for their compatibility with S/4HANA.

Recommend SAP Fiori Apps based on transaction usage history.

Perform S/4 HANA system sizing.

Why Should You Partner with Advayan?

Choosing Advayan means leveraging our extensive expertise and dedication to your success. We provide tailored solutions that ensure your transition to S/4HANA is smooth and efficient, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

S/4 HANA Assesment Workshop
1. S/4HANA Assessment Workshop
2. SAP HANA readiness check
3. Business and process analysis
4. S/4 HANA solution fit-gap analysis
S/4HANA Upgrade and Migration
1. Project Management
2. Customization
3. Code remediation and testing
4. HANA migration
5. Change management
S/4HANA Deployment and Integration
1. Planning and Preparation for Deployment
2. Deployment options and strategies
3. Integration with existing systems
4. Post-deployment activities and best practices
5. Deploy S/4 HANA on-premise or cloud solution
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FAQs about S/4 HANA Brownfield Implementation

What is an S/4HANA Brownfield Implementation?

An S/4HANA Brownfield Implementation is a transition method where an existing SAP ERP system is converted to SAP S/4HANA. This approach allows businesses to retain their current processes, configurations, and data while migrating to the new system.

How Does a Brownfield Implementation Differ from a Greenfield Implementation?

A Brownfield implementation upgrades the existing SAP system to S/4HANA without starting from scratch, preserving current system elements. In contrast, a Greenfield implementation involves building a new S/4HANA system from the ground up.

What Are the Key Benefits of a Brownfield Implementation?

Key benefits include faster implementation, lower costs, reduced risk, and the preservation of existing business processes and customizations.

What Steps Are Involved in a Brownfield Implementation?

Steps include a readiness check, custom code assessment, add-on compatibility checks, system sizing, and the actual migration and integration processes.

How Long Does a Typical Brownfield Implementation Take?

The duration varies based on system complexity and specific business requirements but typically ranges from several months to a year.